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*Manufacture of all kinds of Granular and Engineering Plastics

*We produce Compound with Calcite, Talc, Mica, Glass Bead Reinforcement up to 80% using PP, PE Raw Materials.

* We make special productions by adding Glass Fiber Reinforcement to PA6, PA6.6, PP, PC, PET, PBT and other plastic types at the rate you want.

* We have Moblen (PP), Elteks (PE), Antishock (PS), Abs Granule production for your Injection and Extrusion (Plate - Pipe) needs.

*All kinds of scrap requests are supplied.

*We supply all kinds of original, 2nd quality, additive raw materials required for your business.

*We can manufacture raw materials in special colors and formulas you want for your production.

* Production with PA6 PA6.6 POM PMMA ABS PS PP PE PET PBT PC raw materials Glass Fiber Filled-Talky-Calcite, fireproof and desired properties

*Your raw materials are granulated by adding pigment powder paint or masterbatch paint with the color code you want and prepared for your production.

*All kinds of raw materials and burrs you want are granulated with care and if you want, they can be improved with additive support. (Fibered, Fireproof, Calcite, Talc, Glass Ball Etc.)

*We produce fast solutions for all kinds of additive and non-additive raw material needs with our twin screw and single screw machines.

* PP PE PS ABS PET PC PMMA POM N6 N6.6 Non-combustible fiber masterbatch with mineral Filled-Talk-Calcite up to 80%


*Original Raw Material Supply: PP,LDPE,HDPE,HIPS,GPPS,ABS,PA6,PA6.6,PC,POM,PBT,PET

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