Our Company Profile

Our Company Profile

Plasger Plastik, which has been serving in the plastics industry since 1995, continues to serve as a raw material supplier in almost every sector where plastic is used by increasing its knowledge and experience in direct proportion to the past years.

Our company has always come to the fore with its innovative spirit, thanks to its professional and forward-looking management. Our customer-based specially formulated raw material solutions have enabled our company to create a loyal customer list that grows day by day. What makes Plasger different from other companies in the sector is our approach to our business.

Apart from our standard products, it is known for producing specially formulated raw materials to meet the needs of our non-standard customers. For this reason, it is preferred and has the status of a reliable company.

Our company, which has been operating in the plastics industry for more than 28 years, is a company that produces solutions for every need with its dynamic and wide product range that can meet the needs of its customers at home and abroad.

Today, our products are used by the most prestigious companies of industrial sectors such as Automotive, White Goods, Toys, Construction, Cosmetics, Furniture, Door - Window, Accessories, Agriculture. It is one of the rare companies that can respond to all kinds of plastic demands, including the supply of original raw materials, Granule, Additives (Fiber, Talc, etc.), Compound Raw Materials, Masterbatch Paint, Burrs, Scrap.

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